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From writer/director Anwar Jamison comes COMING TO AFRICA, a bicontinental, romantic comedy with a stellar ensemble cast. COMING TO AFRICA follows Adrian who is approaching 40 and has spent his entire adult life with the mindset that climbing the corporate ladder is his sole priority.  He has bought into the “American Dream” hook, line and sinker, and has been extremely successful in the corporate world because of it.  He shies away from talk of responsibility to the Black community as he believes that the richer Black people become, the better off they’ll be, and that’s all that matters to him.  He is poised for a promotion that will make him the first African-American Vice President in the history of his company.  

Adrian’s brother, Dennis aka Buck, is a barber who routinely holds community meetings in his barber shop and is fully engaged in the struggle for the liberation of Black people in America—when he’s not running the shop.  His other brother Adonis is a bus driver who has saved up for over a year for the perfect 10th anniversary celebration for him and his wife: a trip to Ghana.  However, on the eve of the trip, circumstances change and Adrian suddenly finds himself in the need of some serious soul searching, and what better place to do that than in Africa?



In the hilarious sequel, COMING TO AFRICA II, all roads lead to Africa as two families create intercontinental connections. Months after arriving in Ghana and diving headfirst into a whirlwind romance, Adrian seeks to turn his fairytale into a long-term reality by adapting to local customs with hilariously mixed results. His new African girlfriend, Akosua, a schoolteacher, is elated but also conflicted about their impending relocation to America, and his brother Buck follows Adrian to Africa to boost his prospective business. For Adrian, none of it will matter if he cannot mend his relationship with Akosua’s influential father.

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